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Protesters File Claims vs. City, County AND State Over Police Brutality

By F*** the Mayor | July 13, 2020
Twelve people, or their families, who were injured or killed in Seattle protests over the past six weeks, filed financial claims Monday against the city of Seattle, King County and Washington state, alleging excessive force by police or the failure…

Fire the Mayor Featured on… Fox News?

By F*** the Mayor | July 13, 2020
Watch the latest video at Our lead petitioner, Elliott Harvey, appeared on “Fox and Friends First” with insight regarding our Fire the Mayor campaign.

“Fire the Mayor” Recall Campaign Blazes Forward

By F*** the Mayor | July 11, 2020
By Elise Takahama, Seattle Times staff reporter A King County Superior Court judge approved a petition Friday for an election to recall Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, opening the door for a campaign that’s gained steam over the last several weeks.…

Mayor Durkan Detains Journalist

By F*** the Mayor | July 9, 2020
Mayor Jenny Durkan continues to allow the Seattle Police Department to target journalists in their open-air war against First Amendment rights. Read the harrowing account of The Independent’s Chief US Correspondent Andrew Buncombe who was unlawfully detained and physically abused…

Recall Cases Heard by Superior Court Judge

By F*** the Mayor | July 2, 2020
“This is exactly the kind of case that recall is prepared for,” said Committee Chair Elliott Harvey. “There is reasonable cause for abuse of discretion, for abuse of the office.” Read the full KIRO 7 story here

Let’s Fire the Mayor

By F*** the Mayor | June 25, 2020
48 hours after issuing a 30-day moratorium on tear-gas, Seattle police once again tear-gassed the residential neighborhood of Capitol Hill. Just weeks prior, Mayor Durkan praised Seattle PD as “a national leader in policing and de-escalation” and quietly tried to roll back “virtually all…

ACLU Sues Seattle for ‘Unnecessary Violence’

By F*** the Mayor | June 9, 2020
The lawsuit alleges the city has violated protesters’ First and Fourth Amendment rights. “In response to these protests, the Seattle Police Department (SPD) has exercised an overwhelming and unconstitutional use of force to discourage these protesters from exercising their constitutional…

2020 Handling of George Floyd Protests

By F*** the Mayor | June 1, 2020
On June 1, during the George Floyd protests in Seattle in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, police in full riot gear barricaded the SPD’s East Precinct building from protesters, using blast balls, flash bang grenades, and pepper spray against the crowd…

2020 Encampment Sweeps During Public Health Emergency

By F*** the Mayor | May 21, 2020
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Durkan continued sweeping homeless encampments, forcing homeless people to leave their campsite and find a different place to live.  Homeless shelters had gone on lock down in late March and had limited capabilities. The Centers for…

2019 Racist Workplace Allegations

By F*** the Mayor | August 25, 2019
In April 2019, two of Mayor Durkan’s staffers accused her of mistreatment and called the working environment “toxic“.  One alleged that Durkan “grabbed her face and forcibly turned her head” when the employee was making suggestions on how to handle…

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