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Infamous $414k Seattle Cop Sued DOJ Over Use of Force Restrictions in 2014

By Grace | September 3, 2020
Seattle Patrol Officer Ron Willis famously made more than any other City of Seattle employee in 2019, over $414,000, for supposedly working over 4,000 hours in one year. In 2014, Willis joined a group of 122 Seattle Police Officers, suing…

Durkan Files Argument For Appeal

By Grace | August 31, 2020
The appeals process through the WA State Supreme Court begins with an opening brief. This opening brief is important because the appeal is de novo, it starts the review over from the beginning. Aug 31, 2020 | Durkan’s Opening Brief…

Durkan lies, Says 60% of Voters Wanted Her

By Grace | August 28, 2020
In a quote to given KUOW, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan said, “Almost 60 percent of voters wanted me to be mayor.” The most generous estimate rounds up the ballots cast in her general election to 56 percent. Did 60 percent…

Judge Decides on Recall Ruling Schedule

By Grace | August 17, 2020
A WA Supreme Court Judge has decided the schedule for Durkan’s appeal. Schedule: August 20: Statement of Arrangements and Designation of Clerk’s Papers August 25: Clerk’s Papers and Verbatim Report of Proceedings August 31: Appellant’s Opening Brief September 14: Respondent/Cross-Appellant’s…

Notice of Appeal

By Grace | August 12, 2020
UPDATE August 14 Recall Petitioners file response in two hours, asking the court again for a swift ruling. Petitioners responded to Durkan’s request for a minimum of 105 days, reiterating their Motion for a ruling in 15 days. “Mayor Durkan…

Statement Re: Carmen Best’s Resignation

By F*** the Mayor | August 11, 2020
To the People of Seattle:  As we persist through these tumultuous times plagued with unrest and uncertainty, the only glaring consistency has been Mayor Durkan’s inability to navigate us from chaos.  Instead, she’s allowed our illustrious city to become devastated…

The Miseducation of Jenny Durkan: Part 2

By F*** the Mayor | August 1, 2020
Link to Part One From her extremely privileged upbringing to her self-induced eventual downfall, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has relied on a sordid family history of baiting Black and Brown voters with sugar-coated promises that get exposed as being inedible.…
Mayor Durkan speaking in the foreground, Chief Best looking on in the background.

Judge Denies Durkan’s Motion for Reconsideration

By Leah FTM | July 29, 2020
Following the Committee to Recall Jenny Durkan’s Motion for Expedited Ruling (filed July 28th, 2020), Judge Mary E. Roberts entered a denial of Mayor Durkan’s Motion for Reconsideration, upholding her original ruling that the petitioners’ Charge B shall be allowed…

Ask Me Anything With the Campaign

By Grace | July 27, 2020
What’s going on right now? I signed the but haven’t seen any petitions yet. In Washington State, a recall can’t just collect signatures like you can in some other states, you first have to get approval from a judge…

Ready! Set! Recall!

By F*** the Mayor | July 27, 2020
Our campaign to Fire the Mayor isn’t all fun and memes, we need your help to make this happen! It’s not going to be cheap or easy writing the pink slip to fire the mayor, but with your support we…

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