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2000s Seattle Corruption Timeline

By F*** the Mayor | July 20, 2020
This timeline is evolving daily. If you have a news article you’d like to contribute, please let us know here. Late-90s November 4th, 1997: Voters elect Paul Schell as mayor of the City of Seattle on November 4, 1997 December…

Meet Jenny Anne Durkan

By F*** the Mayor | July 20, 2020
Jenny Anne Durkan was born in Seattle on May 19, 1958 to Martin Durkan and Lorraine Durkan (nee Noonan). Her family lived on Mercer Island in the mid-1950s and Bellevue in the early 1960s settling in Issaquah by 1963. She…

SPD: Old Habits Die Hard

By F*** the Mayor | July 19, 2020
Protesters marching to raise awareness for the various human rights violations at the ICE Processing Center in Tacoma were met with excessive force and hostility from the Seattle Police Department as civil unrest continues to unravel in our communities. According…

“They picked the wrong generation to pull this shit on.”

By F*** the Mayor | July 18, 2020
More than ever before, information truly is power, and imbalances in who holds that power have been both reinforced and challenged in the course of events here. – Devin Coldewey, Tech Crunch For Seattle’s cop-free protest zone, tech is both…

Disingenuous at Best

By F*** the Mayor | July 18, 2020
Despite Mayor Durkan’s latest attempt to fire Police Chief Carmen Best — a foiled, temperamental effort that ultimately led to the abandonment of the East Precinct — the two are teaming up to weaponize the consent decree in an effort…

The Morning Show Update with Fire The Mayor Petitioners

By F*** the Mayor | July 16, 2020
Fire the Mayor petitioners appeared on Converge Media’s “The Morning Show Update with Trae Holiday and The Big O” to discuss their recall campaign against Mayor Jenny Durkan.

FTM featured on The Lars Larson Show

By F*** the Mayor | July 16, 2020
Listen to Portland-based talk show host Lars Larson’s podcast featuring Fire the Mayor lead Petitioner Elliott Harvey

Re: Motion of Reconsideration

By Leah FTM | July 15, 2020
Hello all – the Fire The Mayor Campaign has just issued a press release regarding the Mayor’s motion to dismiss our charges. You can find the press release below. — Durkan Files Motion to Dismiss Judge’s Ruling — In a…

Durkan Lazily Fights Recall Petition

By F*** the Mayor | July 15, 2020
By Seattle City Council Insight Earlier this morning, attorneys for Mayor Durkan filed a motion for reconsideration of a judge’s certification of a recall petition charge earlier this week, asking the court to take another look at its ruling that…

Petition vs. Durkan Certified for Signature Collection

By F*** the Mayor | July 14, 2020
by Seattle City Council Insight The recall election process is similar in many ways to voter initiative and referendum processes, but it also has its own unique aspects. Let’s review the whole process, where the current effort stands, and what…

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