Learn More – Recall Process

Why Recall?

In Washington state, nearly every elected public officer can be recalled. Recalls can be held at any time during an administration’s tenure and grounds for a recall are “acts of malfeasance or misfeasance while in office”, or,  “violation of oath of office”. 

Mayor Durkan’s complete negligence in protecting the rights and safety of the people of Seattle has made a clear case that she is no longer fit to govern.

Together, let’s keep making history and #FireTheMayor.

Signature Requirements

Petitioners have 180 days to gather signature from 25% of the total votes cast for the recalled candidate during their last election. 

In this case, Mayor Durkan received 122,442 votes in her 2017 mayoral victory — 55.56% of the 220,396 votes cast in the election. 

For our petition to elicit a recall, we will need 55,099 physical signatures.