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2018-2019 Transportation Woes

By F*** the Mayor | March 30, 2018
During Mayor Durkan’s term as mayor, the Seattle Department of Transportation canceled several bicycle lanes and green-way projects that had been planned in previous years under the city’s comprehensive bicycle plan and funded in the 2015 Move Seattle levy.  In…

2017 Initiative 124 Bribery Scandal

By F*** the Mayor | October 12, 2017
During the 2017 Seattle mayoral election, Durkan was the only candidate to not sign a letter requesting that Seattle hotel owners, represented by the Seattle Hospitality for Progress PAC and Washington Hospitality PAC, drop a lawsuit against Initiative 124.  The…

2017 Candidate Forum Incident

By F*** the Mayor | July 14, 2017
During a July 2017 mayoral candidate forum, Mayor Durkan tossed miniature tequila bottles into the all-ages crowd and during the “talent competition” imitated Melissa McCarthy’s parody of then-White House press secretary Sean Spicer from Saturday Night Live in costume, and…

2013 Pedophile Informant Incident

By F*** the Mayor | March 25, 2015
In 2013, Durkan prosecuted Walli Mujahidh and Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif for conspiring to kill US military personnel on July 4, 2011, in a terrorist plot.  The FBI and SPD had used a convicted pedophile, Robert Childs, as a paid informant…

2012 May Day Vandalism Response

By F*** the Mayor | May 1, 2012
During the 2012 May Day protests in Seattle, masked individuals identified as “black bloc” members vandalized a federal courthouse.  In July, FBI agents raided the house of several suspects in Portland, Oregon.  These suspects were later found not to have…

2011 Raids on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

By F*** the Mayor | November 17, 2011
In November 2011, before recreational marijuana was legalized in Washington state, Mayor Durkan ordered a raid on 10 dispensaries in the state.  The targeted dispensaries were accused of “flagrant violations” of laws because DEA officers believed that “the shops were…

2008 Washington Mutual Criminal Investigation

By F*** the Mayor | September 15, 2008
In 2008, Washington Mutual (WaMu) was the biggest bank failure in US history.  It was seized by federal regulators and sold to JP Morgan Chase.  The U.S. Attorney’s office for the Western District of Washington state announced an investigation in…

1991 Police Officer Molestation Case

By F*** the Mayor | December 3, 1991
In 1991, Durkan and attorney Jeff Robinson defended Everett police officer Robert Eric Whidbey. While pulling over two teenage girls for a faulty brake light, Whidbey discovered that the driver did not have her license.  He allegedly groped the 15-year-old…

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