Re: Motion of Reconsideration

Re: Motion of Reconsideration

Hello all – the Fire The Mayor Campaign has just issued a press release regarding the Mayor’s motion to dismiss our charges.

You can find the press release below.

— Durkan Files Motion to Dismiss Judge’s Ruling —

In a Motion for Reconsideration filed by Jenny Durkan’s legal representation at close of business on July 14th, 2020, the Mayor’s lawyers clumsily walked back their original assertion that the charges brought against her by the Fire The Mayor Campaign are too vague and broad to address. 

It appears that now that Judge Mary Roberts has narrowed the charges down to just one that will stand as legally and factually sufficient. The Mayor’s council is ready to deliver a comprehensive argument against it. What is this argument? 

Durkan alleges that the mayor has no directive authority over the Seattle Police Department, and thanks to the consent decree, the only governing body that does is the Federal Government. 

One choice quote from the motion says that “the city charter places that duty (prescribing policies) upon the Chief of Police, who exercised her authority in a reasonable manner by requiring that CS gas only be used with her approval.” [Emphasis ours]

The Fire the Mayor Campaign is hard at work with our legal advisors preparing for the appeal we anticipate from Durkan when Judge Roberts decides that she was right the first time.

And so the wait continues…

While the battle in the courts carries on, we are focused on preparing our logistic campaign and are accepting Volunteer Submissions through our website for any and all positions and areas of expertise. 

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