SPD: Old Habits Die Hard

SPD: Old Habits Die Hard

Protesters marching to raise awareness for the various human rights violations at the ICE Processing Center in Tacoma were met with excessive force and hostility from the Seattle Police Department as civil unrest continues to unravel in our communities.

According to The Seattle Times, two protesters were arrested on “suspicion of theft” and “assault” outside of the West Precinct.

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Demonstrators threw rocks, bottles and other items at officers.

– Seattle Police Department

We also heard local reports of graffiti, broken windows — like the one at Victrola Coffee on 3rd + Pine (below) — and vandalism to an Amazon Go store and at a Starbucks.

Credit: KOMO News

In response, police wasted no time to deploy blast balls and pepper spray “to stop the assault on officers.”

In an effort to quell collective outrage, proud public servant and Seattle Police Officers Guild president Mike Solan (trigger warning: Tucker Carlson) wasted no time to condemn the unarmed protesters for being domestic terrorists.

Others didn’t see it that way.

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