Durkan Goes Full Bunker Boy

Durkan Goes Full Bunker Boy

Like Trump, the only thing greater than Mayor Durkin’s arrogance is her ignorance.

Late Friday night, Consent Decree Federal Judge James Robart ruled in favor of the United States government to halt a Seattle ban on police use of tear gas and other “less lethal” anti-protester weapons.

Just two days prior, that same Judge Robart refuted this exact same effort by Durkan, saying her request amounted to the temporary restraining order:

“Neither SPD nor the Mayor have made the required showing for the court to impose such extraordinary relief…

Indeed, the City’s notice makes no attempt to even identify the specific provisions of the Consent Decree that the [Crowd-Control Weapons] ordinance may implicate.”

– This fucking guy

But, when the Department of Justice slithers in two days later and claims the SPD need chemical weapons or people will die!!!1!!! — in a miraculous turn of events, Judge Robart reverses himself and grants the exact same restraining order he just told Durkan he didn’t have the authority to give.

True democracy at work here, people.

Now what’s even crazier is that the Department of Justice’s argument can now potentially be made by any police department that doesn’t like any restriction imposed by a state or local government.

So essentially, with Judge Robart’s ruling, anyone can ask a Federal Judge for a TRO to prevent those laws from going into effect if they simply argue that omg people are gonna dieee!!!!!1!!!!1

You don’t need any “facts” or “evidence” — just bribe your local US Attorney! Super simple.

But what part of the Constitution gives a Federal Judge the right to invalidate a local ordinance against teargas — one that’s designed to protect the health, safety, and well-being of its citizens?

This should really dispel any doubts that the Consent Decree is a massive pile of steaming political sham bullshit.

The City Attorney — good ol’ American boy Pete Holmes — did a literal Harvey Dent when just two days earlier he was arguing against the teargas ban, then, two days later, he’s Two-Face and making an impotent attempt to defend it.

Even Justice Robart had to blaze him:

You were dancing on too many pinheads. What I hear you saying tonight is now you want the political cover to say ‘we’re supporting the City Council.’”

– Got eeeeemmm!! ??

We give props to David Perez though, the lawyer for the Community Police Commission, Seattle’s civilian police advisory council.

Durkan publicly praises the CPC but privately despises them.

And with this new frontside 180° of justice, Perez was the only one left to defend the teargas ban and, by extent, uphold the principles of the Consent Decree.

“I don’t believe, your Honor, that the DOJ’s motivation here is to protect the consent decree and that’s really important.

The DOJ has operated over the last three years to dilute the consent decree.

Perez then accused the Department of setting up a “false choice” between guns and batons in one fist and teargas and blast balls in the other.

The choice isn’t between sticks and guns and tear gas. The choice is between constitutional policing and unconstitutional policing.


He said they never objected when Seattle police were widely criticized for using excessive force to quell protests last month.

Right now you hear the Department of Justice talking about the possibility of excessive force.

Where was their concern when that excessive force was being shown day in and day out?

It was like a video game, your Honor, they made Capitol Hill look like Mosul or Baghdad.

Real talk.

So, as we saw on Saturday, now that Durkan has a full arsenal of weapons at her disposal, she’ll be working closely with her Federal Besties to decimate any protests this weekend and now the people of Seattle are the only ones who can stop her.

Quotes & Tweets From Around the City

Mayor Jenny Durkan said Thursday she had received assurances from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that federal agents would not at this time be sent into Seattle to crack down on demonstrators on the city’s streets like they have been in Portland.”

The Seattle Times, July 23rd, 2020

Over the last month as protests for racial justice filled the streets of Seattle the FBI was watching closely for violent and destructive agitators in the crowds.

KOMO NEWS, July 10, 2020

The decision to barricade the East Precinct was attributed to what was described as a “credible threat” from the FBI to the East Precinct.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, July 1, 2020

“The SPD’s early morning operation was assisted by the Bellevue Police Department and FBI.”

The Seattle Times, July 1st, 2020 on the clearing of the Occupied Protest Zone

The people of Seattle should be grateful to Chief Best and her Department for their professional and steadfast defense of the rule of law.

Attorney General William Barr, July 1, 2020

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